Marion Mahlstedt

Dipl.-Ing. architect

Marion Mahlstedt, Portrait
Since 2018 employee in the office reichardt+partner architekten

design, execution planning


Martin Reichardt

Dipl.-Ing. architect BDA

Martin Reichardt, Portrait

Frank Külper

Dipl.-Ing., architect, HAK

Frank Külper, Portrait

Dirk Lütje

Dipl.-Ing. architect HAK

Dirk Lütje, Portrait

Andreas Boettcher

Dipl.-Ing. architect, HAK

Andreas Boettcher, Portrait

Heidi Höppner

Dipl.-Ing. architect, HAK

Heidi Höppner, Portrait

Janine Rose

Dipl.-Ing. architect, HAK

Janine Rose, Portrait

Tanja Scheil

Assistant of the board

Tanja Scheil, Portrait

Angela Müller

Commercial assistant

Angela Müller, Portrait

Frauke Richter

M. A. interior design

Frauke Richter, Portrait

Yingyi Zhu

M.Sc. architect

Yingyi Zhu, Portrait

Nadine Schulze

M.Sc. architect

Nadine Schulze, Portrait

Marion Mahlstedt

Dipl.-Ing. architect

Marion Mahlstedt, Portrait

Julia Meinecke

Dual student

Julia Meinecke, Portrait

Christoph Strugholtz

M.A. architect

Christoph Strugholtz, Portrait

Flora Lammers

Dipl. Ing. architect

Flora Lammers, Portrait

Nermin Ribic

Certified building engineer

Nermin Ribic, Portrait

Wulf Benedikt Kammerer

B.A. architect

Wulf Kammerer, Portrait